What is Stamped Concrete?


A stamped concrete is a kind of concrete but it will have different types of patterns and texture that will be embossed and will look like brick, tile, wood, flagstone, slate, and other different patterns and textures. You should know that stamped concrete is commonly used to create patios, driveways, sidewalks, interior flooring or pool decks. This is because stamped concrete is very flexible, making it open to infinite possibilities for design choices. You also have to know that stamped concrete is very attractive over the globe, it is very popular these days. You have to know that stamped concrete is the best alternative for slate, stone and brick because it is more affordable.

There are three major steps when using stamped concrete which will make it different from other concrete processes. You have to know that the first major step will be the introduction of using base color for the stamped concrete. You need to know that adding a highlight color will be important when you use stamped concrete because it will create the pattern for the stamped concrete. You have to know that without the three major steps, the stamped concrete will have no color, texture and shape.

It is important to add the base color.

You need to know that the base color of the Stamped Concrete Greenville will be the primary color. You have to know that there is an endless choice for your stamped concrete’s base color. There will be different methods to think about when you want to introduce the stamped concrete to color. You will have to use a color hardener for the stamped concrete. A color hardener will be a powder pigment that will use to dye the stamped concrete, all you have to do is to throw the powder on the surface of the stamped concrete. Broadcast the hardener when it has floated for the first time.

The highlight color will come next.

The name implies it, highlight color will mean the secondary color for the stamped concrete. Highlight color on a stamped concrete will be the same when shading a art work with highlight color. It will be added when the Concrete Pouring Greenville has already settled.

Stamping down the patterns will be the last step.

Using concrete stamps will be the last step for making patterns for the stamped concrete.

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